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Friday, January 25, 2013

Black Picture Frames Make an Excellent Wedding Gift

With today's technology, finding the perfect wedding gift isn't very difficult. Virtually every couple getting married will submit a wedding registry to several different stores to ensure they get exactly what they want. There are two problems with this approach, however.

First of all, the wedding registry is often filled with expensive items, which can make it difficult for the average person attending to buy a gift that the couple has asked for. An additional issue with using a gift registry is that it doesn't allow for the buyer to make their own decision about a more unique item that they might want to purchase for the couple.

Whether you're among the first group of people who find that they can't afford the items on the registry or you simply want to purchase a unique and thoughtful gift, you should consider our elegant black picture frames. There are several reasons why they make the perfect wedding gift.

Black picture frames are incredibly timeless, yet modern, so they can accommodate a variety of different styles both in terms of the photo, and in the home afterwards. The couple can choose to put their wedding photo into the frame, mementos from their first date or their honeymoon, or a picture of the entire wedding party.

Black frames don't have to be plain, either; we offer frames with bronze etching and silver bead accents, as well as a wide variety of other tasteful designs. Our frames are comprised from a variety of fine materials, including black leather, metal, and exquisitely-stained hardwoods.

Whether you're looking for an elegant way to hang a wedding photo or you simply want to provide a couple with a beautiful all-purpose frame for a piece of art, one of our black picture frames can provide the perfect centerpiece for the home.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Why Leather Picture Frames Will Work for Your Home

Displaying a beautiful portrait or painting to full advantage is all about selecting the right frame. Sometimes, a traditional wooden frame or contemporary black frame doesn't do a particular photograph or piece of artwork justice. A leather picture frame may provide just the right accent to several types of pieces.

Vintage Photographs

Leather and antiques seem to go hand in hand and vintage photographs with leather frames are no exception. Leather can capture the essence of a bygone era with an old-fashioned glory that doesn't seem out of place in modern times. Combined with the sophisticated yet timeless appearance of leather, almost any vintage photograph will look stunning. This combination is not only perfect for a rustic log cabin or country house, but it also works well in studio apartments and contemporary homes, as well.

Inspiration from Nature

Many people are inspired by the beauty of nature and love to create their own pieces of artwork from pressed leaves, feathers, and flowers. Leather can create a far more natural backdrop for such art than a plastic or a highly-detailed frame would do. Landscape or wildlife artwork and photography can also be more captivating when paired with the simple elegance of natural leather frames.

Candid or Professional Family Portraits

Leather picture frames are very versatile; they work incredibly well for candid photographs or for professional studio portraits. Brown leather can bring out the warmth of a candid picture, while black leather can make a professional portrait seem all the more elegant. These frames can also enhance photographs of family pets, providing just the right balance between nature and domesticity.

Artistic Photography

It's never wise to select a frame that will overpower artistic photography; a leather frame can put emphasis on lines, space, and form rather than detract from these elements. Some intricate frames, while appropriate for specific pieces of art, can provide a viewer with too much detail and distract the eye from the work's full potential; moreover, the soft sheen and smooth contrast of leather can bring out small details in a piece that might otherwise be overlooked.

Leather picture frames are an elegant, stylish, and versatile way to display your important artwork and photos. With the right frame, every image will receive its due attention and your home will appear balanced and beautiful.


Expecting Parents Want Baby Picture Frames

New parents usually take hundreds, if not thousands, of photos during their baby’s infancy to capture these most precious of times. From the day the baby comes home from the hospital and throughout his or her entire childhood, those memories make beautiful photos that will be cherished forever. Baby picture frames are thoughtful gifts for expecting parents, and we have an exciting array that will match the themes of many nurseries, family rooms and mantels. With our wide selection of frames, we can help you bring the perfect gift to a baby shower.

Purchasing a personalized baby picture frame shows a great amount of effort with minimum stress. Silver and gold plated frames are appropriate for both genders, and with engravings like “Me and Santa” or “Mommy and Me,” the picture it holds becomes just a little more special. Our musical carousel frames hold six wallet-sized photos and play sweet nursery tunes. Our variety of themes, ribbons, bows, and colors are truly captivating, even to the pickiest decorator.

Baby picture frames are excellent in offices, nurseries, family rooms, and bedrooms. They can be nailed onto a wall or sit on an end table to accent the furniture. The frame will be one of the best presents the parents receive during their baby shower. Toys and clothes are always nice, but framed photos are so personal and become a true focal point of a home.

The most memorable gifts are those that tend to tug at the heart strings, hold personal significance, and serve multiple purposes. Our wide selection of picture frames fits all of these requirements. Help someone showcase a sweet memory with one of our affordable top-of-the-line baby picture frames today.


Friday, January 4, 2013

Why You Should Buy Picture Frames for Your Next Gift-Giving Occasion

We've all faced that age-old dilemma of having to buy a gift for the person who has everything. In the age of digital photography, picture frames represent a nearly perfect gift idea given the ubiquitous nature of photos today. People often overlook these items when it comes to buying things for themselves, so frames make a great gift. Despite the obvious appeal of nice frames, many people don't think to buy picture frames until the time comes for them to hang their new vacation or wedding pictures. That's where your thoughtful gift will come in!

Finding the Right Frames

For the friend or family member who has decided to buy picture frames as gifts for family and friends, the first thing to be considered is the gift recipient's decorating style. The person who loves a touch of the exotic might enjoy some frames that come from a store where there's a variety of decorative motifs ranging from bamboo for the Asian-themed decorating styles to the tiger stripes favored by the safari lover. On the other hand, if the gift recipient favors the shabby chic look, then an antique frame picked up at a flea market or antique shop will do nicely.

Putting Yourself in the Gift

While all gifts represent the person giving the present as well the person receiving it, adding something extra to the frames creates a personal touch. The simplest way to do that is to include at least one frame that features a picture of you and the gift recipient together. Another way to create a personal touch is to buy picture frames that are plain and decorate them with craft items like beads, buttons or painted designs.

Consider the Occasion

Lastly, when you set out to buy picture frames, consider the occasion you're helping to commemorate. If it's a wedding present, consider picture frames with a design that will show pictures of the bride and groom separately as well as leave room to show them as a couple together in the middle frame. If the frames are intended to house pictures of a child's first years in school, then choose frames that have multiple picture openings to create a collage of photos. Taking this approach also helps the buyer because it allows the gift giver to narrow down the possibilities quickly and easily.

Picture frames make excellent gifts for a variety of occasions. They are versatile enough to be a gift for almost any recipient. Additionally, a number of different styles of frames exist on the market, allowing the buyer to choose from a wide variety of great frames.


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Picture Perfect: Choosing the Right Picture Frame for Your Favorite Photos

It seems simple enough – you have a great picture worth showing off, and you want to find a cool frame to put it in. However, choosing picture frames is more difficult than it seems. The right one will bring out a photo's best qualities, while the wrong one can alter its color and look or even drown out your picture altogether. To figure out what frame is right for your photograph, we suggest considering several things.

First, think about the style and mood of your photo. Is it a casual, spontaneous picture taken outdoors? A simple wooden frame might do the trick. If it's a quirky snapshot of you goofing off with friends, look for a funky or fun frame that helps capture the moment.

Next, consider the image's colors. If your photo has muted colors, opt for a frame with a neutral color, such as brown or tan, or one with an aged silver tone. Images with bolder colors can stand up to brighter frames -- just remember to choose a color that's already in the photo. Brightly colored photos pair also pair nicely with white picture frames or black ones with white matting. Black and white pictures look especially crisp and clean with black frames, but provided the photo has simple, clean lines, they can also look great with brightly colored frames.

Weddings deserve special consideration. Depending on the type of wedding you had, the type of picture you're framing, and your personal style preference, you could choose anything from a sleek and polished silver frame to a romantic scrolled metal frame or a simple black frame with elegant matting.

Finally, always keep balance in mind. Picture frames can be works of art. Make sure that the snapshot always remains the focus of attention. Your frame should never be too large, too busy, or too colorful for your photo. However, your photos aren't just decorative art; they're personal mementos that tell your story. With a little thought and some diligent searching, you can find the perfect frames in which to showcase them.


Monday, December 10, 2012

Discount Picture Frames Make Great Gifts

If you searching for the perfect gift for a loved one or friend and are on a budget, consider picture frames with personal photos. Beautiful discount picture frames that are budget friendly and affordable can easily be found in our online store, and the addition of a beautiful photo makes this gift both unique and memorable.

Moms will love a frame with the saying, "Nobody Loves Me Like My Mom," which houses a fun photo of a child and mother together. With a stunning metal lacquer coated finish, this is sure to be a hit with mom. Moreover, the cost of this unique gift is affordable, as are our other picture frames.

Another exciting frame that would make a wonderful gift to grandparents from their children and grandchildren is a frame that is written in embossed letters, "Grandparents Are the Best." Adding a family photo into this gorgeous satin silver frame will make a gift that will truly be cherished.

With discounts as much as 80 percent off the original cost, our eye-catching frames are available in a full range of colors and finishes, including satin silver plate, pewter, ceramic, wood, and more.

Discount picture frames make fabulous gifts for family or friends and can be personalized with your own photos to show a special moment or person. From simple frames to fancy frames, we have them all – even frames designed to display your furry friends!

We can ship your order for free if it is over $50, while orders over $150 earn an extra 10 percent discount. Your budget, as well as loved ones, will appreciate this unique and thought-filled gift that will last for years to come. A picture frame and special photo is truly a gift that keeps on giving.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Beauty and Versatility of Silver Picture Frames

Silver picture frames can be incorporated into any room of a home, any type of décor, and into most office settings. Although any picture can be displayed in a silver frame, there are certain types of pictures that simply seem to look more attractive in silver frames.

One of the most beautiful items to display in a silver frame is a pen and ink portrait. These can be portraits of people or pets. Living rooms, dining rooms, and foyers are ideal places to hang portraits in silver frames. Silver frames are ideal for simplistic pictures. A single flower blossom, a solitary tree, or a picture of one unique item such as a vase, a hat, or a building looks stunning in a silver frame. The simplicity of a picture in a silver frame makes it an ideal addition to a modern décor.

Framed prints of single photos of birds, flowers, or scenic views can be used to create a colorful wall display. Simplicity remains a key factor. For example, the scenic view should be something like a sunrise, sunset or a scene that is composed of tranquil, muted colors. Silhouettes are also impressive in a silver picture frame. A collection of family silhouettes in silver frames would make a gorgeous tabletop display. This display could be part of a living room, dining room or office decor.

Black and white photos of any subject matter look lovely in a silver frame. Photos of items that are seldom portrayed in black and white will add uniqueness to a decor. Subjects such as clouds, trees, plants and landscapes are beautiful in black and white.

Abstract art, especially art that contains hints of silver, can be impressively displayed in a silver frame. Animal print designs also pair well with silver frames.

No matter what you're looking to display with a silver frame, we have the frame for you! Check out all of the excellent choices by visiting our website at www.PhotoFrames.net.