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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Beauty and Versatility of Silver Picture Frames

Silver picture frames can be incorporated into any room of a home, any type of décor, and into most office settings. Although any picture can be displayed in a silver frame, there are certain types of pictures that simply seem to look more attractive in silver frames.

One of the most beautiful items to display in a silver frame is a pen and ink portrait. These can be portraits of people or pets. Living rooms, dining rooms, and foyers are ideal places to hang portraits in silver frames. Silver frames are ideal for simplistic pictures. A single flower blossom, a solitary tree, or a picture of one unique item such as a vase, a hat, or a building looks stunning in a silver frame. The simplicity of a picture in a silver frame makes it an ideal addition to a modern décor.

Framed prints of single photos of birds, flowers, or scenic views can be used to create a colorful wall display. Simplicity remains a key factor. For example, the scenic view should be something like a sunrise, sunset or a scene that is composed of tranquil, muted colors. Silhouettes are also impressive in a silver picture frame. A collection of family silhouettes in silver frames would make a gorgeous tabletop display. This display could be part of a living room, dining room or office decor.

Black and white photos of any subject matter look lovely in a silver frame. Photos of items that are seldom portrayed in black and white will add uniqueness to a decor. Subjects such as clouds, trees, plants and landscapes are beautiful in black and white.

Abstract art, especially art that contains hints of silver, can be impressively displayed in a silver frame. Animal print designs also pair well with silver frames.

No matter what you're looking to display with a silver frame, we have the frame for you! Check out all of the excellent choices by visiting our website at www.PhotoFrames.net.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Buy Picture Frames at PhotoFrames.net

Of all of the decorative home accessories available, pictures are the one item that allows you the greatest opportunity to personalize your decor. Your decorative options range from tucking a tiny photo into a table-top display to hanging an expansive collage on a focal wall. Before you buy picture frames to include in the decor of a room, it's best to have a design plan in mind so that you know what size and shape the frames should be. There are frames made of all types of material, so there's no problem in finding frames to complement every decor.

Framed family photos are popular in home decors. Creating a photo wall at the stairway is one of the most popular design ideas. Family rooms are a good place to include family photos. Vacation photos can be included in various room decors. Beach photos often blend perfectly with a coastal-themed living room or bathroom design. Vacation photos from a trip to a vineyard would be lovely in a kitchen or dining room.

There are picture frames designed to accommodate a collection of photos. These are great for displaying children as they grow up. A double frame or three-section frame is great for displaying children or pets. Purchasing picture frame groupings makes it easy to create a wall that tells a story.

Picture frame material should coincide with the decor of the room. Buy picture frames made from leather to offer an element of sophistication that is ideal for a modern decor. Silver or black frames also complement modern design. Wood frames blend perfectly with a country or traditional decor. White frames are a good choice for cottage or casual decors.

Picture frames are a versatile home decor item. The pictures displayed in the frames can easily be changed. Just the variation of pictures can totally transform the atmosphere of a room. Many times, the picture frames that are used in one room can be relocated to another room as part of a redecorating project. Few home decor items are as versatile and as personal as picture frames, so be sure to select out our expansive inventory at PhotoFrames.net.