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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wedding picture Frames for guests?

Your wedding day is one of the most cherished times in your life; You are getting ready to marry not just this person who you love, adore and want to spend the rest of your life with by your side, but also their family and friends are now yours as well and will celebrate your union. Wedding picture frames are perfect to hold onto your own new found wedding memories but also a precious memento that you give away to your wedding guests.

A fun idea for your wedding is to make better use of the placement holder. It can be a wedding picture frame that may originally have a guest’s name and table name or number on it, but also be a gift for them to keep thereafter, for coming and celebrating with you on your wedding day. These frames can then be used by the guest for their own memories of either that night or another special moment in their life.

You need to enjoy your day and make memories throughout it. Get yourself a nice large frame to remember that iconic moment in your life, when you began your journey with your soul-mate. Revel in your joyous day and celebrate the memories for a lifetime.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Black Picture Frames Provide Classic Elegance

There's a reason why black goes with everything. Anything black is timeless. It appears sleek, sophisticated and elegant. If you're looking to store photographs that are timeless to you, purchasing black picture frames to hold them is the way to go.

There are certain pictures that absolutely require black frames. Family portraits, professional photographs and anything black and white are good candidates for simple black frames. Essentially, if you look at a picture and it could plausibly have been taken either yesterday or twenty years ago, give it the black frame treatment. You don't want to date the photo with a frame that puts it entirely in the present.

Black picture frames are also an excellent choice for decoration. If you're looking to add some subtle accents to almost any room in your home, black frames will fit. Of course, they work best with darker or neutral color schemes. If you have white walls, hanging black frames will do wonders for making the room feel a bit more "full."

Just like a little black dress, black frames are always a good standby. If you're going for a classic look, they are a must own.


Monday, December 5, 2011

Picture Perfect Gifts For The Holidays

As stores brace for Black Friday—the day after Thanksgiving that has become known as the official start to the holiday shopping season—surveys reveal this may be a leaner year than many are predicting. A recent survey, conducted by GfK Custom Research North America, revealed that 40% of consumers will spend less this year, while 44% will spend approximately the same as in 2010. The increased thriftiness, researchers predict, will have consumers getting creative. For many holiday shoppers, few gifts combine sentimentality and class with low cost quite like picture frames.

With a little creativity and the perfect picture, discount picture frames can make perfect gifts. This brief guide will help you create a picture perfect gift on a budget that your friends and family will never forget.

Choosing The Perfect Picture: Like any great gift, choosing the perfect picture for your frame comes down to the personality of your recipient. If it is for your grandmother looking to stay connected to her relatives, a nice family photo will tug the heartstrings. If you are giving a photo to a close friend, a picture chronicling a memory you share or an inside joke will bring you closer together. For work associates or fans of artwork, a picture you took yourself makes a very classy gift. But remember to choose a picture that evokes a timeless feeling, as most silver or leather picture frames are built to last and will be on a table for all to see for quite some time.

Choosing The Perfect Frame: The larger the frame, the more space the recipient has to devote to your gift. If you give a large frame, be sure to include a photo that has some artistic flare and evokes the creativity of a work of art. Smaller frames can also make great gifts. Three-pane frames work best with silly pictures, while nice silver picture frames match with serious black-and-white photography. Make sure you choose a frame that matches your picture to create a more cohesive gift.

Wrap Carefully: Picture frames contain glass and can be broken on a long flight or a trip in the car. If you are shipping or traveling with a frame, you should package it very carefully. Use extra tissue paper to cushion the box or head to your local post office and find box materials that can easily hold the frame in place so you are not worried about broken glass in the box for your recipient.

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